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August 28, 2008

Why Are These Men Smiling?

Steve Haverick and Stan Holliday celebrate at the top of the lighthouse after completing the installation of all 92 stairs. The scuttle to the lantern room is visible in the background.

The preliminary installation of all 92 stairs in the Cape St. George Light was completed today, August 28! SGLA member Steve Haverick, visiting the island for a few weeks, worked with Stan Holliday to finish the first and most critical phase of the huge project.

The stairs still have to be mortared and caulked into place on the lighthouse brick wall side. But they are all properly aligned and fit perfectly. Stan and Steve also finished the removal of the temporary construction platforms, cleaned up some of the debris, and then took a break from climbing up and down 92 stairs in the summer heat! The job was completed in plenty of time for installation of the first handrail to begin on Tuesday.

Work has also begun on the fabrication of the brass plaques which will identify the sponsor of each stair. The plaques are being donated by Hanson Machine, Inc. of Spooner, Wisconsin. Wayne Hanson, owner of the company, visited SGI in February -- and after sponsoring a stair himself, generously donated the manufacture of the plaques.

A big Thank You to all the wonderful benefactors of the Cape St. George Light!

Posted by Administrator - 08/28/08, 07:55 AM

August 18, 2008

Lighthouse Stairs Nearing Completion

Carpenter Stan Holliday sands a stair tread in Dennis Barnell's workshop. Please see the Photo Gallery for up and down views of the staircase in the lighthouse.

More than 60 stairs have been installed in the Cape St. George Light, and SGLA President Dennis Barnell expects the installation to be completed by Friday, August 22.

Dennis and Stan Holliday have been working in Dennis' shop to build the individual stair treads and then transporting them to the lighthouse for installation. Only eight treads remain to be built. Yesterday the construction effort was aided by SGLA members Fred Stanley and Jim Kemp.

Once the installation of the stair treads is completed, the mounting of the handrail on the brick wall will begin. Eventually a second handrail will be mounted on the center post, and risers will be added to the stairs.

But once the treads and one handrail are completed, the lighthouse will be safe for climbing. We hope to offer a special Preview Climb on Florida Lighthouse Day, which is Saturday, September 20!

Posted by Administrator - 08/18/08, 07:55 AM