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February 13, 2007

Record-Setting Brick Cleaners!

Brick Cleaners on the weekend of February 9 and 10 cleaned a record 1,214 bricks to bring the total to 10,000. In the top photo are Friday brick cleaners, left to right: Richard Saucer, Dennis Barnell, Skip Kemp, Susan McClendon, Penny Angel, Richard Jones (behind Penny), Bob Gill, Jim McClendon, Fred Genter, and Doug Brandt. Absent from the photo are Lavonda Jones, Don Grinenko, and photographer Ed Tiley. Saturday brick cleaners in the bottom photo are, left to right: Richard Saucer, Penny Angel, Skip Kemp, Terry Kemp, Richard Jones, Lavonda Jones, Neal Smith-Willow, Dennis Barnell, and Vito Bell.


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February 10, 2007

10,000 Bricks Cleaned!

The 10,000th brick sits on a pallet waiting to become, once again, part of our historic lighthouse.

On Saturday, February 10, we reached a significant milestone in our efforts to reconstruct the Cape St. George Light when the 10,000th brick was cleaned.

Volunteers on Friday and Saturday set a new weekend record by cleaning 1,214 bricks to make the total an amazing 10,000 bricks. The Saturday crew set a new one-day record of 708 bricks cleaned. We now have 14 complete pallets of cleaned bricks stored for the rebuilding effort.

Congratulations and Thank You to all the dedicated volunteers who are participating in this monumental undertaking!

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February 03, 2007

Architect Ken Smith Views Lighthouse Project Sites

Dennis Barnell shows lighthouse architect Ken Smith our newly reconstructed lantern room.

Renowned lighthouse restoration architect Ken Smith and his wife Lorraine visited the Cape St. George Light brick site and lantern room on Saturday, February 3.

In the area to begin work on a project with the Crooked River Lighthouse in Carrabelle, they took the time to visit our project before returning to their home in Jacksonville.

Ken was very impressed with the work done by our volunteers, both in the brick cleaning effort and in the lantern room reconstruction. He wholeheartedly endorsed our efforts as being completely on track. He took detailed notes and viewed many of the photos of the standing lighthouse from Dennis' collection, in preparation for the engineering and design work he will do for us in the future. SGLA has applied for a Small Matching Grant from the State of Florida Division of Historical Resources, which, if it is approved, will help fund Ken's work on our lighthouse reconstruction.

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February 01, 2007

Rep. Kendrick Visits Lighthouse

Rep. Will Kendrick (right)surveys the lighthouse brick pieces with SGLA Board Member Ed Tiley. Visit the Photo Gallery for additional shots of Rep. Kendrick's visit.

State Representative Will S. Kendrick, who represents Franklin County in the Florida House of Representatives, visited our brick site and the lantern room display on February 1. Rep. Kendrick was in the County for the annual town hall meeting for local constituents prior to the legislative session which convenes March 6.

Rep. Kendrick visited the Eastpoint brick cleaning site where he got his first look at the remains of the Cape St. George Light. He met with brick cleaners Jim and Susan McClendon, Vito Bell, Richard Saucer, Dennis Barnell, Ed Tiley, and Jim and Terry Kemp, all of whom demonstrated the fine art of brick cleaning for our honored guest.

He then accompanied Dennis and Terry to the lantern room display on St. George Island. Rep. Kendrick, who chairs the House Committee on Conservation and State Lands, was especially interested in the fate of the historic lighthouse which once stood in the State Preserve on Little St. George Island.

We thank Rep. Kendrick for taking the time to visit with us, and for his ongoing assistance with our grant applications and other legislative matters!

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