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A header row of vertically laid bricks tops the horizontal rows to strengthen the wall. This photo offers a good view of the original bricks cleaned by our volunteers which are being used on the interior wall. The door to the right and first window to the left have been expertly worked into the structure by our brick masons.

As construction of the lighthouse continues, observation of the techniques involved in the masonry construction provides fascinating insight into the methods used in 1852 that are still viable in 2008.

The rows of horizontal bricks are tied together periodically with "header rows" which are laid perpendicular in order to tie two rows of bricks together. In addition, the header rows are offset with partial bricks so that the "tying together" concept extends through all four feet of the brick wall width at the base of the lighthouse.

Stop by for a peek at this rare opportunity to view a lighthouse under construction -- but if you visit during work hours, be warned that you need a hard hat and steel-toed boots to enter the job site. You can, however, get a great view of the action from the Visitor Center -- in your visor and flip-flops!

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